Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pharmacy Legislative Day in Sacramento

On April 22, 2009, pharmacists and student pharmacists all over California gathered in Sacramento to represent the voices of the pharmacy profession.

The day started with updates on the important legislative issues currently being advocated by the California Pharmacist Association (CPhA). The informative session ended with a light-hearted keynote address from Assembly Member Jerry Hill from District 19 in South San Francisco, encouraging the audience to be proactive in the legislative process. To drive home the point, he gave an example of the persistent around-the-clock phone calls by the same group of people repeating the same message they want his fellow colleague to hear. He added that there are many stake holders involved in the process of law-making and the quiet ones will usually be ignored. Therefore, if we do not want the politicians to dictate the policies that drive our profession, we need to make our voices heard.

We indeed did on that day by meeting individually, as well as in groups, with senators and assembly members from our respective districts. Among the important issues we asked for support was the bill advocating for pharmacist-administered flu and pneumococcal vaccines without protocol (prior approval from a physician). Allowing pharmacists, the first-line public health resources, to provide these immunizations will greatly enhance access and decrease morbidity and mortality from these diseases.

We commemorated the annual event with a picture of pharmacists and student pharmacists in white coats on the steps of the Capitol. It was truly amazing seeing so many in the profession moving it forward.

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idc5 said...

were other issues discussed such as e-rx and the opening of so many new pharmacy schools

-john@ pharmapplicants