Saturday, July 11, 2009

Peru Itinerary

The much anticipated trip to Peru is finally here! After a lot of reading using the Lonely Planet and talking to others who have gone to Peru, my husband, Thomas, and I decided on the itinerary below. Most of the things written here are tentative. So far, we've only had the round-trip flight to and from Lima and the one from Lima to Cuzco booked. The Inca Trail Trek was also booked in late January to secure our spaces since the government only allows a limited number of people on this trail each day. We will play it by the ears on the dates and locations of other items on our list.

Here's what we have planned:

July 12-13 Lima
July 14-19 Cuzco
July 20-23 Inca Trail Trek to Macchu Picchu
July 24 Cuzco
July 25-29 Lake Titikaka Area
July 30-August 3 Ariquipa
August 3-7 Lima

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