Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mr. Robert

I worked for almost 12 hours straight today because of the installation of a new robot in our pharmacy. When I tell people that we'll be installing a robot, they imagine a fully walkable metal figure with a head, legs and arms that can understand vocal commands. In reality, it's more like a soda machine, only three times bigger and a lot more sophisticated. It came into our pharmacy today and the place felt really crowded with the technicians and extra hands to help fill the machine with a lot of meds. We call it Mr. Robert because that's how my mom pronounce "robot" with her Chinese accent.

As of today, it has not been able to fulfill its duty since more preparations are needed for it to be totally functional. We're all excited about having it count, fill, label and close the medicine bottles for us after we type and program the prescriptions into the computer. Before all that, though, there is a lot of learning to do and adjustments to make.

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