Thursday, July 31, 2008

Week 5

After a week of intensive searching, we're finally going to have a new delivery employee. I've talked to numerous people on the phone and interviewed about a dozen face-to-face. Through this process, I've also learned to screen out people on the phone and gave interviews to only those who I thought will be satisfied with this low-skilled and low-paying job. It surprised me how many highly qualified people were willing to apply for this position! The economy must be really bad.

It's so hard to find the "perfect" person for the job. I'm going to make a decision on who to hire tomorrow. Hopefully, it will be a good decision so I won't have to go through the interviewing process again!

This week was a pretty bad week for me. I've made numerous mistakes that could have been prevented by simply paying more careful to details. I gave a patient the wrong bottle of antibiotic because of the similarity in medications and names. Luckily, the mistake was caught by the tech before the med left the building. I also made a mistake by giving the patient's significant other another person's medications because they have the same name. Again, I was fortunate to have the patient call to alert us of the mistake and he brought back the medications when picking up the correct ones. I wonder if my boss would have fired me if she wasn't my sister.

It's so dangerous to try doing things too fast. However, the patients give us so much pressure by being really cranky when they wait longer than 10 minutes. Making medical errors is the scariest part about being a pharmacist. Also, it seems like the more I work, the less I think I know. There are so many different medications and I wonder how I will learn them well enough to do a good job at patient counseling.

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